WeLink Stories

Hear from the growing number of people enjoying the benefits of our cutting-edge, wireless gigabit broadband.

I wholeheartedly recommend WeLink to everyone in the Edinburgh area. It’s been a complete game changer for me. We have had WeLink for a few weeks now and still can’t get over the excitement of having an insanely fast connection.

Kashif, Edinburgh

No more shouting around “stop using the internet NOW! I have an important work meeting!’ The connection is very stable and often exceeding the 100Mb promised. Support was swift the only time I needed it.

Luna, Edinburgh

The service from WeLink is outstanding. In less than a week, from initial enquiry to install, I had a full working service. The service works, and it works well. But it’s the people at WeLink that makes the biggest difference. The installation team was on-time and did a great job onboarding me, and the support team was super responsive.

David, Edinburgh

I work in photography so being able to upload and download large files, such as RAW files, is crucial. Since I’ve had WeLink broadband installed, I’m able to do so easily. The customer support is the best I’ve experienced.

Miguel, Edinburgh

Streaming is butter-smooth, downloading games is super-fast. I would definitely recommend WeLink to others within the Old Town and New Town areas, as the ability to get strong Wifi is severely lacking here.

Robbie, Edinburgh

Both download speeds and customer service have exceeded my expectations. I found the team on every level extremely helpful and friendly.

Morgan, Edinburgh

The difference is stark. Previously, I would leave downloads running overnight! No more staring at progress bars. WeLink drags the Old Town from the dial-up days to the gigabit era.

Mike, Edinburgh

The speeds I couldn’t be happier with – it’s absolutely awesome. I realised just how much the old upload speed was impeding us. This is definitely a solution for taking things to the next level, fo increasing speeds. It’s been completely seamless.

Jamie, Edinburgh

WeLink has been an absolute game-changer in my flat.The speeds we are getting compared to traditional cable internet are jaw dropping. Customer service has been friendly and efficient and I would not hesitate to recommend WeLink to anyone else looking for fast, reliable internet. I am so impressed!

Gaby, Edinburgh

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