Which areas of the UK have the fastest broadband speed?

Which areas of the UK have the fastest broadband speed?

We all tend to think that those who live in the big cities enjoy the luxury of the best broadband speeds. But is it true? It’s never been more important, with us all working, relaxing and entertaining from home. So we thought we’d take a little look and see what the broadbandscape was really like.

Which areas made the top 5?
One study determined the top 10 UK council areas by measuring average upload speeds in the first instance, alongside download speeds for both 30Mbps+ and 1Gbps capable networks. As you’d imagine, superfast and Gigabit network coverage came out pretty well.

Hull, a predominantly fibre served area is a good contender for offering the best speeds. It had a median upload of 13.7 Mbps and 99.06% of 30Mbps coverage and similar for Gigabit coverage with 99.03% performance, making it the number one area.

In the same study, Tower Hamlets was next in line, followed by London, the City of Westminster and Stevenage District. While the slowest speeds were recorded in more rural areas and some of our perimeter islands.

Another study, another set of results
A report from selectra.co.uk who focused on download speeds and looked at cities rather than council areas revealed different results. It reported Birmingham to have the fastest download speeds, followed by Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. With Coventry coming a close 4th place. They also reported Hull as being 8th in the country with Newcastle being 16th.

Different speeds in the same city
You can still be in one of the best areas for speed, but be unfortunate enough to experience slower speeds. This is because every network provider’s speed will vary between areas. Someone living in the centre can have totally different performance to someone else with the same provider, living 10 miles away.

What can affect it?
There are lots of things that can affect performance. Every network provider will have a black hole. You could just be unlucky. It can also be affected by things within the home, like slow WiFi, your choice of broadband package and local network congestion.

What’s the common factor?
Your choice of provider seems to play a key role in performance speeds. Before you move house, you can check performance from providers in that area, to see what to expect. Or, why not talk to our team? Maybe we can help you get the very best performing connections.