What does gigabit speed actually mean?

What does gigabit speed actually mean?

We’re all looking for faster connection speeds. Whether we’re working from home, balancing zoom calls with gaming kids, or watching Netflix. Broadband is getting faster, there’s no disputing that, but the real game changer is full fibre broadband. Bringing speeds of up to 1,000Mbps with gigabit internet. The holy grail of connectivity. Well for now.

Gigabit internet. So what’s it all about?
Sounds impressive and it is impressive. It delivers speeds of up to 1,000Mbps or 1 Gbps. That’s download speeds that are ten times faster than superfast broadband. Usually only in places that have full fibre connections or fibre-to-premises connections. To you and me that means no copper wire, just fibre-optic cables all the way. Or specially adapted cable broadband connections.

Streaming made super fast
Of course, faster downloads mean faster streaming, which makes Netflix, YouTube and Disney Plus a dream. This is where you see the biggest boost in performance. Especially if you’re streaming in 4K. Most superfast broadbands can handle 4K but when a whole family want to jump online, then it’s a stretch and speeds start to waiver. That’s where gigabit internet comes into its own. There’s plenty to go round and nobody misses out. Result!

Gaming without the lag
Gigabit internet is brilliant for gamers. It makes lagging a thing of the past, giving you a distinct advantage. If you have a full fibre connection upload and download speeds will be roughly the same, so you can jump on platforms like Twitch. VR and other immersive media are also vastly improved with gigabit internet, while cloud-based storage is almost as fast as using a USB.

A few things to consider
For starters, your home network will need to be up to the job to make the most of gigabit internet. You’ll need a gigabit-capable router and modem, so it’s worth looking into before you switch. Your provider might even supply one.

Old devices may also hinder the speeds. Anything wireless tends to stick at 300Mbps, so have a quick check of all your online tech. You might need to upgrade a few bits. Great opportunity to do a bit of tech shopping! But to be honest, wired connections work best to get the speeds you’re expecting.

Where and when can I get it?
Gigabit internet will evolve and become more readily available. Right not, only a few key providers offer it in a few key locations.