Outnumbered: no wonder connectivity is such a challenge

Outnumbered: no wonder connectivity is such a challenge

Connected devices will soon outnumber human beings by more than five to one. No wonder broadband speeds struggle to keep up. The world will be home to an estimated 43 billion connected devices by the end of next year, according to management consultancy McKinsey. Which might explain why connectivity is such a challenge.

With most of us fixed to our devices day and night and increasingly reliant on them for work, recreation and appliances, the demand for decent broadband continues to grow. This is especially so in family homes where everyone is trying to stream their favourite Netflix series at the same time. For this reason, the word ‘laggy’ has now entered the Oxford English Dictionary.

While WeLink Communications continues to roll out Britain’s first wireless gigabit service – a dozen times faster than the average broadband speed – we have curated some quick hacks for households to speed up their connections and avoid the spinning wheel of doom, which could be especially helpful for parents of teenage children.

Let’s start with consumer bible Which? It recommends simple steps, including placing your router away from nearby sources of radio interference and obstructions, fitting a micro-filter to your ADSL socket, changing your wireless channel or frequency band or buying a wireless booster box. If these don’t work, you could try fitting some tin foil behind the router to reflect the signal.

Independent news site Think Broadband suggests the use of ethernet cables where practical for the best possible streaming experience. It also highlights Powerline adaptors, which piggyback electric cabling and power sockets for extending networks homes without running cables everywhere. And don’t forget security, especially when sharing personal information between devices.

Ofcom’s practical tips for improving broadband speed include updating your browser, upgrading your router and protecting your service with a password. The industry regulator also suggests talking to your internet service provider. You should be prepared to be patient – it can take an age to reach the customer service centres, even among the best-rated providers.

Finally, you can always ditch your provider as there is plenty of choice in the market. And if you are lucky enough to live in one of the postcodes where we operate, you could always sign up for our service and enjoy lightning fast speeds without any of the hassle, no matter how many connected devices in your household.