How far behind the UK is in terms of connection and internet speeds

With more of us literally ‘living’ online during the past year it’s really highlighted the UK’s lacking in connection speeds. As households have relied on homeworking, home learning, video calls, online multiplayer games, surfing and streaming entertainment all at once, it’s caused frustrations for the whole family.

Ranked 44th in the world

As a developed country and a leader in many industries, it’s surprising that a recent report showed the UK to be ranked 44th in the world for fixed-line speeds. With an average of less than 67Mbps (megabits per second), we’re behind the front runner, which boasts around 197Mbps and even further behind than the global average of approximately 74.74Mbps.

Rural areas suffering more

Our broadband capabilities are constantly improving, but not surprisingly, rural areas are the worst hit. Scotland, Wales and Orkney suffering most. A report by shows Hull in Yorkshire seeing the greatest improvements and residents can now enjoy an average of 131Mbps.

What’s letting us down?

So why are we so slow? It’s mainly due to our reliance on ageing copper cabling rather than high-speed fibre optic, called ‘fibre to cabinet’. We may have cheaper broadband than other countries, but it’s reported that speeds haven’t significantly changed in the last six years. When it comes to downloading a movie, it can take the leading countries around just 3 minutes, whereas it can take us around 8 minutes and more.

Government plans

It was deemed every household’s legal right to enjoy a basic download speed of at least 10Mbps.  This connection speed will make sure every household can watch a movie, surf or make a video call. The fastest, ‘full fibre’ where copper cable is replaced by fibre optic can achieve 1000Mbps. With that gigabit capability, five people can stream a movie at the same time. Sadly, a government promise to deliver the 1,000Mbps to UK homes and businesses by 2025 is looking like it’s in the balance.

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