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Fibre is the backbone to deliver high speed broadband but it will never get to every premises in the land without using complimentary solutions

The Problem

  • Delivering gigabyte broadband to the premises using fibre is becoming an unsolvable problem for all providers
  • Realistically, digging up every street in the land to get to every premises is simply never going happen

The Solution

  • Proven 1 gigabit wireless connectivity available now
  • Meshing for complete resilience, patented coax-based technology using a different resource pool for ease of installation
  • As easy to install as a Sky Dish in a 4×4” form making rollouts uncomplicated and quick to deliver
  • Multi gigabyte connectivity giving homes and businesses more than fibre from a proven pioneer with enormous heritage in the United States

Technical Overview

Our technology is proven through large scale deployment in the United States where we have several thousand highly satisfied customers. The technology has the capability to deliver 10Gbps per site using mmWave frequency bands, designed to minimise radio to radio interference whilst allowing fibre-like speed and performance.

Our approach allows us to create a critical mass of customers in neighbourhoods within weeks and facilitates a rapid, efficient network construction. The kit is installed (usually on a chimney or wall) with minimal disruption, usually within 2-3 hours.

Reliability is inbuilt through our business critical unique mesh architecture, meaning our network self-heals and has no/limited fibre break points. Each link aggregates the internet backhaul available to maximise efficiency.

WeLink Delivers

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Great News! WeLink is available in your area.

Great News! WeLink is available in your area.

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