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Next-gen wireless gigabit broadband

Packages from just £30 a month, 12 month contracts available. Check your postcode today:

*plus free installation – applies to 24 month contracts for new residential customers only. T&Cs apply.

Buy the speed you need

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100MB/s £27/month Installation: £0

A better standard

100MB/s Upload & Download

The reliable remedy for everyday usage – consistent, fast coverage.

  • 100 Mbps download and upload speed
  • 12, 18 & 24 month options available
  • Wireless fibre equipment
  • Zero modem or router fees
  • No fixed line rental

200MB/s £32/month Installation: £0

Great speeds, great value

200MB/s Upload & Download

The popular choice. Perfect for browsing, shopping, messaging and streaming TV.

  • 300 Mbps download and upload speed
  • 12, 18 & 24 month options available
  • Wireless fibre equipment
  • Zero modem or router fees
  • No fixed line rental

500MB/s £40/month Installation: £0

Exceptional performance

500MB/s Upload & Download

Great for busy households – enjoy slicker streaming, faster gaming and quicker downloads.

  • 500 Mbps download and upload speed
  • 12, 18 & 24 month options available
  • Wireless fibre equipment
  • Zero modem or router fees
  • No fixed line rental

1GB/s £50/month Installation: £0

The ultimate

1GB/s Upload & Download

Lightning fast, next-gen connectivity – faultless performance

  • 1Gbps download and upload speed
  • 12, 18 & 24 month options available
  • Wireless fibre equipment
  • Zero modem or router fees
  • No fixed line rental

One-time Installation Fee: 24 month contract – FREE, 18 month contract – £60, 12 month contract – £60

Unsure which package is best for you?

Call us on 01423 510535

What do our customers say about us?

Read about some of our customer’s experiences

I wholeheartedly recommend WeLink to everyone in the Edinburgh area. It’s been a complete game changer for me. We have had WeLink for a few weeks now and still can’t get over the excitement of having an insanely fast connection.

No more shouting around “stop using the internet NOW! I have an important work meeting!’ The connection is very stable and often exceeding the 100Mb promised. Support was swift the only time I needed it.

The service from WeLink is outstanding. In less than a week, from initial enquiry to install, I had a full working service. The service works, and it works well. But it’s the people at WeLink that makes the biggest difference. The installation team was on-time and did a great job onboarding me, and the support team was super responsive.

I work in photography so being able to upload and download large files, such as RAW files, is crucial. Since I’ve had WeLink broadband installed, I’m able to do so easily. The customer support is the best I’ve experienced.

Streaming is butter-smooth, downloading games is super-fast. I would definitely recommend WeLink to others within the Old Town and New Town areas, as the ability to get strong Wifi is severely lacking here.

Both download speeds and customer service have exceeded my expectations. I found the team on every level extremely helpful and friendly.

The difference is stark. Previously, I would leave downloads running overnight! No more staring at progress bars. WeLink drags the Old Town from the dial-up days to the gigabit era.

The speeds I couldn’t be happier with – it’s absolutely awesome. I realised just how much the old upload speed was impeding us. This is definitely a solution for taking things to the next level, fo increasing speeds. It’s been completely seamless.

WeLink has been an absolute game-changer in my flat.The speeds we are getting compared to traditional cable internet are jaw dropping. Customer service has been friendly and efficient and I would not hesitate to recommend WeLink to anyone else looking for fast, reliable internet. I am so impressed!

About WeLink

We believe everyone should have access to fast, reliable broadband internet.

From browsing to shopping, streaming to gaming, messaging to meeting, broadband plays an essential role in everyday life.

So why let a slow, unreliable connection hold you back? 

WeLink provides a smarter, faster, greener way to deliver quality internet to homes and businesses.

Our revolutionary wireless technology delivers lightning-fast, multi-gigabit connectivity with in-built reliability, thanks to our unique mesh architecture.

Traditional fibre broadband rollout is a slow, disruptive process. WeLink provides an easier to install, adaptable alternative that is much kinder to the environment.

With the capability to deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps, we offer a solution for both now and the future.

Switching is easy

Changing broadband provider has never been simpler!

Check your postcode

Find out what we can offer in your area

Choose your package

Select the best package for your needs

Enjoy super speeds!

Contact us and we’ll do the rest

Please contact us to find out more about where this is available. You can call us on 01423 510511 or email us at

Switching can be super easy even if you are tied to a different provider. Call our team on 01423 510511 to discuss your options, or use the postcode checker to see if we can connect you and to submit your details.

The equipment is very small and light – approximately 4 inches by 4 inches.

The kit is usually installed on the roof but can be installed on the chimney or wall.

The kit is installed with the minimum disruption to the customer and usually is fully installed within 2-3 hours.

Lightning-fast! WeLink Communications’ groundbreaking technology is capable of multi-Gigabit speeds. This speed is the same downloading or uploading, essential for working from home.

There is a website that will tell you exactly what your internet speed is. Go to or  and be prepared to be amazed.

As a courtesy to our valued customers, we almost always waive the installation fee.

There is no data cap and our highly reliable service means you will always make the most from your connection.